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Customizable Stamp (Circular)

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Customizable Stamp (Circular)

Sizes available: 

CIRC-1: Diameter - 30mm / Effective Area - 17mm
CIRC-2: Diameter - 35mm / Effective Area - 21mm
CIRC-3: Diameter - 38mm / Effective Area - 24mm
CIRC-4: Diameter - 47mm / Effective Area - 33mm
CIRC-5: Diameter - 54mm / Effective Area - 40mm

Colours available:

Black / Red / Green / Blue

*Please indicate desired colour after adding to cart*

You may use our Product Customization Tool to send us your preferred design. Do note that your submitted design is not finalized and our designers will send you a final stamp artwork for your verification.

Alternatively, simply write your Stamp Text and upload your logo/photo of your stamp (if any) and we will contact you to verify your design!

Visit our Customization Guide for a step-by-step guide to customizing a stamp with us! Feel free to contact us at or use our Contact Form for any additional queries.