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Text Stamp (Rectangular)

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Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)
Text Stamp (Rectangular)

Sizes available: 

Cover: 69mm x 35mm
Effective Area 52mm x 19mm

Cover: 80mm x 40mm
Effective Area 64mm x 25mm

Cover: 91mm x 40mm
Effective Area 75mm x 20mm

Cover: 91mm x 35mm
Effective Area 75mm x 25mm

Cover: 90mm x 53mm
Effective Area 80mm x 43mm

Cover: 112mm x 76mm
Effective Area 100mm x 63mm

Cover: 141mm x 101mm
Effective Area 125mm x 85mm

Ink/Colours available:

Paper Ink: Black / Red Green / Blue
Textile/Fabric Ink: Black / Red / Blue
Metal/Plastic Ink: Black / Red / Green / Blue / Purple / Pink
UV Ink: -Invisible-

Do note that your submitted design is not finalized and our designers will send you a final stamp artwork for your verification.

Please enter your Stamp Text and upload a logo/photo of your stamp (if any) and we will contact you to verify your design. Please include any modifications if you require them (such as removing a star, removing the inner circle, etc.)

Visit our Customization Guide for a step-by-step guide to customizing a stamp with us! Feel free to contact us at or use our Contact Form for any additional queries.

Stamp making lead times are 2-3 working days upon artwork confirmation.

For expedited requests, we do offer express services at an additional surcharge of S$50. We will ship the stamp on the same day it is produced. Expect to receive the stamp in 1-2 working day(s) after artwork confirmation. (Please email or call us via our Contact Page)