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What are Pre-Inked Stamps?

Stampeasy Administrator

Pre-inked stamps are a type of rubber stamp that comes with ink already embedded in the stamp pad. These stamps are made by saturating a specialized, porous rubber stamp pad with ink that can penetrate the stamp design. The ink in pre-inked stamps is usually oil-based or water-based, and is designed to dry quickly and last for a long time.

One of the main advantages of pre-inked stamps is that they provide a consistently clear impression without the need for an external ink pad. Unlike traditional rubber stamps, which require an external ink pad to be inked before each use, pre-inked stamps can be used immediately and provide a sharp and clean impression every time. This makes pre-inked stamps a convenient and time-saving option for businesses and individuals who need to stamp large quantities of documents or materials.

Another benefit of pre-inked stamps is that they are less messy than traditional rubber stamps. Since the ink is contained within the stamp pad, there is less chance of getting ink on your hands or clothing, and there is no need to worry about re-inking the stamp during use.

Pre-inked stamps are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be customized with text, logos, or other graphics. They are commonly used for a range of applications, including office paperwork, crafts, and art projects.